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Module 3: Academic track

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Academic Track Primer 

The academic track is intended for incoming senior high students who want to go to college. Do  you love learning? Want to enhance or gain new skills? Then this track might be for you!  

It’s a pathway to higher education, too! A drive for learning and skills-building is what’ll get you  through this track.  

This module unpacks the four (4) strands under the academic track: ABM (Accountancy, Business,  and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), HUMSS  (Humanities and Social Sciences), and GAS (General Academic Strand). Each of these strands  branches out into specialized subjects and electives where you can learn unique disciplines and skills  related to your choice!  

The Importance Of Self-Assessment 

Before choosing a strand, it’s important to assess yourself and your goals first. Some students may  wish to pick a strand related to what they’re already good at or interested in. However, there are  other factors that may affect the strand you choose as well.  

Choosing your learning path is not only about what you already know. You can also consider taking  a strand related to the skills you still want to learn.  

Remember our previous modules on self-awareness. Use your past exercises to help you answer  these guide questions. These may help you discern and decide on a strand that suits you best.  

  • What do I know now?  
  • What do I like learning?  
  • What do I want to learn?  
  • What skills do I want to acquire or master?  
  • Which college courses will help me fulfill all this potential?  

Matching a strand to your college course 

After you finish senior high school under your chosen academic strand, the knowledge and skills you  gain will point you toward a suitable course and pathway. College will further build the skills and  competencies which you started on.  

But what if you chose a path different from your strand? That’s okay, too! Success isn’t always linear.  

Go back to your skillset and the key questions we mentioned above. Reconciling what you know and  what you want to know can put you on the path to reach your full potential! Ready to find out what