Quiz 9 Essay / Open Answer

Essay questions allow the user to enter a free-form answer. You can choose between two types of essay questions:

  • Text Box: Displays a <textarea> form field for the user to enter any text they’d like.
  • Upload: Displays an upload button that allows the user to upload a file.

Essays come with 3 options for how they are graded after the quiz is submitted:

  • Not Graded, No Points Awarded: The essay question is submitted and awaiting a grade. The final quiz grade will be displayed as “Pending” to the user.
  • Not Graded, Full Points Awarded: Awards full points for the essay submission, but its status remains “Not Graded.” An admin can grade the essay at a later date, and adjust the awarded points.
  • Graded, Full Points Awarded: Automatically mark the essay as “Graded” and award full points.

Sample Output in CMS showing the different type base on status/points